IQF Custom Packing, Inc.
About Us
Since our founding in 1995, IQF Custom Packing, Inc. has helped many companies operate more efficiently and profitably. Our vision thirteen years ago was to use our expertise in freezing and packing to help companies expand their product lines in what was then a growing market for frozen foods. Today, we have expanded our capabilities beyond frozen and into a wide range of refrigerated foods processing. Our physical plant has more than doubled in size to handle the high volume needs of our diverse and growing customer base.

Company owners Russ Young, Patricia Ladino and Bob Machado offer a combined expertise that is unique among custom packers. Russ was a pioneer in the introduction of individually quick frozen processing in the New England seafood industry and has mastered the techniques that produce the best quality finished products. Patricia adds a wealth of knowledge about packaging and design for customers who need assistance developing a packaging strategy as part of their overall marketing plan. Bob is an experienced general manager who oversees all production with a disciplined and detailed-oriented approach.

Our plant operates under the strict guidelines of FDA HACCP. The IQF staff is thoroughly trained in the safe and proper handling of food products and our quality control procedures are disciplined and rigorous at every stage of production. Every order is checked and a complete QC report is generated prior to processing to make sure that your specifications, and your deadlines, are met.

We practice business the old-fashioned way, with honesty and a commitment to absolute customer confidentiality. We won't do it any other way, and you shouldn't accept less from your custom packing supplier.