IQF Custom Packing, Inc.
Processing & Repacking
In our 50,000+ square foot processing facility, you will find the most advanced freezing and packaging equipment available today. The space is designed with an emphasis on flexibility and efficiency as each day we handle a variety of different product forms, with differing specifications, but with one thing in common - the need to process, pack and ship the product as quickly as possible.

We operate three, custom-programmed nitrogen tunnels for large scale quick freezing. With a running capacity of 6000 pounds per hour, the tunnels enable IQF Custom Packing to meet high volume program requirements of larger companies. Separate work areas are dedicated to vacuum packing, an area of growing interest for value added retail products.

IQF Custom Packing has extensive experience in the repacking of product that is no longer saleable in its current packaging. This service typically involves hand work; however, we have automated much of our repacking lines to drive costs down and make this a cost effective option for our customers.

An overview of the services we provide includes:
  • quick freezing
  • glazing
  • portion packing
  • portion cutting
  • shatter pack to IQF
  • thaw & freeze
  • reworking
  • grading
  • retail packaging
  • shatter packs
  • box printing
  • full QC reporting
  • IQF Custom Packing, LLC is a member of the Quality Management Program with USDC and is authorized to pack Grade A Product.
  • IQF Custom Packing, LLC is a certified packer in the Marine Stewardship Council Program.
  • Setting the Standard: Safety, Quality and Excellence