IQF Custom Packing, Inc.
Our Service Model
The problem with most "co-packing" relationships is the inherent conflicts that arise when you outsource work to a company that might also be a competitor. At the very least, you don't want them knowing the intimate details of your business, such as how your product is made and who you customers are. Before engaging in a co-packing relationship, you must first ask yourself:

Will my quality standards be maintained?
Will my brand name be damaged?
Will my customer relationships be safe?

IQF Custom Packing is a different kind of company. We do not buy or sell any product. We process your raw materials and we return your finished product to you, and assist you in cold storage relationships. Because we do not buy the raw material nor sell any finished products, IQF Custom Packing is completely free from any conflict of interest.

We are a processing and repacking "service", a distinction that sets us apart from other co-packers and allows us to operate as a valued business partner to our customers.

IQF Custom Packing, Inc.